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Chaye Alexander


Owner of Chayz Lounge, Chayz Lounge Radio


Chaye Alexander Productions


Music Curator/Consultant.

 Musical Director for:

The Columbia Museum of Arts' Concert Series

A board member of the South Carolina Jazz Foundation.

Musical Director for: 

Richland County Parks & Recreation Foundation's Jazz Fest.

Chaye Alexander is THAT WOMAN! An influential and inspiring force who is helping to shape the musical landscape of the Midlands, SC.


For more than three decades, Chaye Alexander been a prominent figure in the music world. Her name is synonymous with exceptional musical experiences. Chaye is renowned for her innate talent as a Music Curator — designing soundtracks that captivate audiences, selecting the best performers, and orchestrating crowd-pleasing live events. Much of what makes festivals and music events so special can be tracked back to Chaye's involvement.


Chaye Alexander credits her mother for igniting her love and passion for music. Her introduction to songs dates back to her childhood with fond memories of she and her mom enjoying the sounds of Dionne Warwick, Petula Clark, The Beatles, Brook Benton, and a host of other soul and pop artists. The spot-on bond was shaped the day she was asked to change a record on the turntable—that “connection between the [turntable] needle hitting the record,” says Chaye, cemented the relationship between herself and music.


Raised in Brooklyn, NY, during a time when record shops were commonplace, the days filled with music, and summertime block parties was the norm, Chaye was always surrounded by music. She recalls spending every dime she earned on the latest album, 45, or 12” record. That would be the beginning of an extensive vinyl collection.


Much of Chaye's teen years were spent DJ-ing with her brother various event. This chapter taught Chaye perhaps her most crucial lesson—how to design the “music to create the right atmosphere and mood for any space,” says Chaye.  She eventually took over the turntables and in no time developed her own style of mixing tunes from various genres. Her unique style caught the attention of a local radio DJ who invited Chaye to be a regular on his nightly show. In the years that followed, Chaye acquired in-depth knowledge of broadcasting, which providing her with the background for not only how it works but how much better it could work.


Chaye's interest would later shift to the recording industry where she dedicated herself to developing and managing emerging recording artists. The lack outlets available to promote her artists and their music prompted Chaye to create her own medium. Chaye collaborated with a local production studio and launched "Have U Heard", the television show that featured the music and videos of independent musicians from around the globe, as well as A-list celebrities. Her interviews earned her both acclaim and admiration in the media industry for being far more than factual-type discussions with guests. During this period, Chaye established her signature affable style of setting guests at ease, allowing her to bring a truer, richer sense of the subject to her audience.


Have U Heard aired for three (3) seasons and was syndicated in 13 cities throughout the United States.​ Chaye then decided to focus her attention on producing events, soon becoming renowned for crafting memorable musical moments. Her title as a music curator was firmly established.​


Chaye's passion for music, inherent knowledge of music trends, and dedication to developing emerging talent earned her a stellar reputation as well as accolades from leading figures in the music industry. With the introduction of the Internet and its limitless range, Chaye quickly realized the opportunity and in 2004, she began the process of creating her own Internet radio stations, at a time when the concept was relatively new. In 2009, she launched Chayz Lounge and with that, she brought her signature style to streaming radio that is still unmatched today.


Chaye designed her station as the virtual space to relax and enjoy the best Adult Contemporary music. It also offered a platform for both new and established recording artists to reach a global audience. The station's popularity increased exponentially since its launch and thanks to its millions of dedicated listeners, it quickly became one of the top radio stations online for its genre. However, Chaye had more in mind for Chayz Lounge. She envisioned it being a venue for live performances. The space at Nonnah's restaurant provided the perfect setting for such a concept and in June 2017, Chayz Lounge the venue was brought to life. Its intimate setting invites patrons to experience the finest local, national and notable jJazz and rhythm & blues the way it was meant to be… Up Close and Personal.


Renamed Chayz Lounge Radio, the station continues to provide music lovers with an unrivaled listening experience. With an expansive library of music, Chaye's selection creates a unique blend that distinguishes her station from the rest. As one listener puts it, “I thoroughly enjoy coming home and relaxing to some really great music. The variety is AWESOME! This is the type of music station I've been waiting for... music for the "grown folks" to chill to while sipping on a nice glass of wine, chilling with friends, or relaxing after a long work week. I'm so glad I found Chayz Lounge Radio and will stay tuned in!!!" Need more proof? Tune in at, sit back, relax, and enjoy the smooth vibe that only Chaye Alexander can deliver. After all, nobody does music better!

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