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Chaye Alexander


If there's a single word that captures Chaye Alexander's essence, it would have to be passion. She radiates enthusiasm and dedication when it comes to music and the arts.


Chaye credits her mother for igniting her love and passion for music. Her introduction to songs dates back to her childhood with fond memories of she and her mom enjoying the sounds of Dionne Warwick, Petula Clark, The Beatles, Brook Benton, and a host of other soul and pop artists. The bond between Chaye and music was forged the moment she was tasked with changing a record on the turntable. that moment when the needle made contact with the vinyl solidified Chaye's connection to music.


Born in Jamaica, WI and raised in lively Brooklyn, NY during the era of vibrant record shops, Chaye's childhood was filled with music and summertime block parties was the norm. She fondly remembers spending every dollar she earned on the latest albums, 45s, and 12" records. And thus began her vast collection of vinyl records.


Much of Chaye's teen years were spent DJ-ing with her brother various event. This chapter taught Chaye perhaps her most crucial lesson—how to design the “music to create the right atmosphere and mood for any space,” says Chaye.  She eventually took over the turntables and in no time developed her own style of mixing tunes from various genres. Her unique style caught the attention of a local radio DJ who invited Chaye to be a regular on his nightly show. In the years that followed, Chaye acquired in-depth knowledge of broadcasting, which providing her with the background for not only how it works but how much better it could work.


Chaye's interest would later shift to the recording industry where she dedicated herself to developing and managing emerging recording artists. The lack outlets available to promote her artists and their music prompted Chaye to create her own medium. Chaye collaborated with a local production studio and launched "Have U Heard", the television show where she presented emerging talents, as well as entertainment luminaries, such as TLC, Boyz II Men, Eric Benet, and many others. Her interviews earned her both acclaim and admiration in the media industry for being far more than factual-type discussions with guests. During this period, Chaye established her signature affable style of setting guests at ease, allowing her to bring a truer, richer sense of the subject to her audience.


Have U Heard aired for three (3) seasons and was syndicated in 13 cities throughout the United States.​ Chaye then decided to focus her attention on producing events, soon becoming renowned for crafting memorable musical moments. Her title as a music curator was firmly established.​

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