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One trait that truly defines Chaye Alexander is her passion. She possesses a love for music that is matched only by her keen ability to recognize raw talent, and deep appreciation for the performing arts. With her extensive experience in the music world, she established Chaye Alexander Productions—a boutique company dedicated to providing artist services and curating unforgettable live musical events.

What sets Chaye Alexander Productions apart is the company's commitment to showcasing and promoting artists from diverse backgrounds. Chaye firmly believes in the unifying power of music and its ability to bridge divides between people. This philosophy is evident in the energetic atmosphere of the musical events and shows she produces, creating a diverse and vibrant music scene.

Through Chaye Alexander Productions, Chaye is not only helping to fulfill their aspirations, but she is also shaping and enhancing a music landscape for all to enjoy. With her passion, expertise, and dedication, Chaye is a true trailblazer in the music business, and her contributions will continue to shape the industry for years to come. If you're planning a musical event, be sure to reach out to Chaye Alexander first!


Artist Services: Chaye understands the unique talents and goals of each artist, and prides itself on providing personalized strategies to help them achieve success. She works closely with each one to understand their goals and vision, and then tailor their services to best fit their needs. This personalized approach sets Chaye Alexander Productions apart from other companies that offer one-size-fits-all solutions.


Live Music Coordination & Production: With Chaye's extensive experience in organizing and producing live performances, and her creative vision, she has built a reputation for delivering high-quality, unforgettable musical experiences. From intimate shows to large-scale festivals, Chaye strives to create immersive and dynamic performances that leave a lasting impact. Chaye Alexander Productions has the expertise to bring any musical vision to life.

Every week at her venue, Chayz Lounge, Chaye organizes captivating sold out shows featuring local, regional and national musicians. Other music events she has produced or involved in include Live At Boyd Plaza, Jazz Fest, and Meeting Street Music Fest. Before planning your next musical event, be sure to schedule a consultation with Chaye Alexander. Call (803) 509-0221 or email

Artists To Know

Chaye is currently collaborating with a variety of clients, including the skilled musicians listed below. To request booking for these artists at private or music events, or for further information about the services offered, please reach out to Chaye at 803-509-0221 or email

Beth Inabinett


Singer, Session Vocalist

Beth Inabinett segues from jazz, soul, reggae, blues, top 40 hits and more with undeviating smoothness. Her voice is reminiscent of the past while being the sound of the present. It is for that reason Ms. Inabinett is one of the most sought-after singers today.


Beth has shared the stage with legends Melba Moore, Meli'sa Morgan, Angela Bofill, Howard Hewitt, Tom Browne, former James Brown powerhouse vocalist, Martha High, poet/actor/musician Malcolm Jamal Warner. Beth performs regionally with her band, For The Funk of It. Together, they are known for their vast repertoire of music that encompasses a wide spectrum of genres spanning jazz, rhythm & blues, pop, funk, go-go, classic rock & reggae. Visit to learn more about this songstress.

Brittany Turnipseed


Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist

Brittany Turnipseed, affectionately known as the "Southern Songbird," hails from South Carolina, where her musical journey began. With a seamless blend of Southern charm and soulful melodies, Brittany has become a beloved figure both locally and beyond.


Brittany’s frequent performances at Columbia's Chayz Lounge have garnered a dedicated following, while her talent has afforded her opportunities to open for revered artists such as Melba Moore, Eric Roberson, The Isley Brothers, Malcolm Jamal Warner Howard Hewitt, and Meli'sa Morgan. Her versatility is evident and she shines whether she's accompanying live performances for the South Carolina Ballet or paying homage to blues icon Drink Smalls on SCETV. Visit to learn more.

David Glymph

David Glymph

Saxophonist, Songwriter, Recording Artist

David Glymph is a seasoned jazz saxophonist, known affectionately as Saxomani for his mastery of the instrument, effortlessly transforms his custom vintage-finished Alto Saxophone into an extension of his being. David is known for his crowd-pleasing performances. With a vast repertoire ranging from John Coltrane to Boney James and everything in between, he never fails to captivate his audience. He has also shared the stage with iconic pianist Frank McComb and R&B legend Meli’sa Morgan.

David is a highly sought-after musician in the current music scene. When he's not playing at Chayz Lounge, he can be found performing at various venues across the country.

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