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Chaye Alexander Productions

Chaye Alexander has successfully merged her creative design skills, love of music, and radio & media background into the thriving company. Chaye Alexander Productions provides event management, creative design and consulting services.

Event Production & Management

A successful event doesn't happen by accident. It involves careful planning, strategic coordination and a great deal of behind-the-scenes work by individuals who have the expertise to bring your show to life. Chaye Alexander is an expert in this field. She and her team are equipped to handle every aspect of your event, including talent booking, event marketing, and promotional material design, budget management and overseeing every detail of the event to ensure flawless execution. 


In addition to offering expert advice on all aspects of a music event production and management, Chaye Alexander also offers comprehensive consulting services for musicians, songwriters, and bands at any stage in their career. Utilizing her years of experience in the music business and thorough understanding of the constantly evolving global music marketplace, Chaye will help you recognize your full potential and further your music career. 


Brand Development

Chaye Alexander, Inc., where imagination and creativity intersects. Chaye will work with you to identify your vision and develop strategic and creative solutions to help your brand stand out. Solutions include web and graphic design, establishing your online presence, event branding, and brand identity. Examples of Chaye's designs include:


Streaming Media

Chaye Alexander established Chayz Lounge Radio (formerly known as Chayz Lounge) in 2009 as the virtual space to enjoy the best variety of smooth R&B and jazz 24/7! 


Known for its quality and consistent delivery of great music, Chayz Lounge Radio rivals its larger competitors. The station’s popularity has increased exponentially since its inception and thanks to the millions of loyal listeners worldwide, Chayz Lounge Radio is one of the top stations on the web in the R&B and smooth jazz genre. As one listener puts it, "This radio station is awesome, you guys play the right music, the music to heal and put the balm on wounds of the soul. I am thankful and will spread the word.”  Tune in at


Chaye's years in broadcasting provided her with in-depth knowledge of not only how media works, but how much better it could work, especially for independent musicians. She designed her radio station with that goal in mind. In addition to being the space to enjoy the perfect blend of smooth R&B and jazz, Chayz Lounge Radio also provides an avenue for independent artists to reach a global audience.

For more information on the full scope of Chaye Alexander. Inc., call (803) 563-8375 or email

What People Are Saying

Music | Media Professional

"Chaye, you put me back on the map! I have been an integral part of the music and entertainment industry for decades. In essence, I was the go to person to get things done. But, then came a point when my phone stopped ringing. It was as if no one knew my name and all I had accomplished was insignificant. Things were stagnant, but you turned things around and made me relevant again. My company is back in the green and I have you to thank... Big time!"

~ Angelo E., Newark, NJ

Music | Media Professional

"I started a new business and paid a web company close to $5,000 to create my site. It took 2-months before I saw an outline and another 2.5 months before they completed it. During that time, it took them days to return my calls and when they did, they were impatient and borderline rude. I couldn’t afford the $150 fee for minor updates so I searched and found your company. Chaye, you were courteous, professional, and you worked with the budget I had remaining. The result is a dynamic site. - Thank you so much. I’ll be back for the matching print material."

~ Jennifer King, Lexington, SC 

Music | Media Professional

"Chaye, You are amazing at what you do and a gift, not only to me, but to world. From my website to my EPK, You made me shine like a superstar. I've met many people in the music scene who came into my life with promises, and left with my money, but nothing to show. You've delivered on everything you promised and set me on the right path.

Thank you."

~ Reggie Codrington - Saxophonist, Fayetteville, NC

Music | Media Professional

"Picture this, it's a holiday weekend, I'm reviewing my media kit that I HAD to present to a potential sponsor the next business day, and I find a major design flaw that my graphic guy missed. I couldn't get in touch with him to fix the error so the stress level was high. I emailed your company explaining my dilemma and not only did I get an immediate response, but you guys came to my rescue. You corrected someone else's mistake in record time."

~ B.E. Coleman, San Diego, CA 

Music | Media Professional

“Chaye, I can't thank you enough for your scripting and voice-over work on my latest my project. It read well, you sounded great, as always, and most importantly, my client loved It. THANK YOU! You are definitely my go-to person."

~ Kendrick Jackson, Hartford, CT

Music | Media Professional

"I'm a musician... I know music, but not so much about the business or marketing side of things. A friend told me about you guys and I’m happy I called. My music is on more stations than I can listen to and I’m getting more bookings than ever before. It’s no wonder I’m still a client. - Thank you guys a bunch. Let’s keep rising the top!"
~ Kendra Thomas, NYC 

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