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Chaye Alexander


Owner of Chayz Lounge Chayz Lounge Radio

 Musical Director for:

The Columbia Museum of Arts' Boyd Plaza Concert Series


Richland County Parks & Recreation Foundation's Jazz Fest

A board member of the South Carolina Jazz Foundation

An accomplished media professional, entrepreneur, and passionate advocate for the arts.

Music & Entertainment Director


Chaye Alexander is THAT WOMAN! She embodies the true essence of a Renaissance woman, distinguished by her multifaceted talents and diverse contributions to the world of music and media.


As the visionary owner of Chayz Lounge and Chayz Lounge Radio, she expertly balances multiple roles. With her impeccable taste in various genres of music, she curates an auditory journey that captivates audiences around the globe. Her passion for music extends beyond the airwaves and comes to life in the intimate yet vibrant atmosphere of Chayz Lounge, the premier venue for live music and dining where soulful performances and delectable dishes merge to create an unforgettable experience. 



Chayz Lounge

Located on Meeting Street in the heart of the River District in West Columbia, SC., Chayz Lounge is the intimate live music venue renowned for combining the finest contemporary jazz and rhythm & blues acts with a wonderful dining experience in an elegant, upscale atmosphere. 


An evening at Chayz Lounge is a retreat to an elegant room filled with a symphony of sounds, aromas of delicious dishes, and repose in what feels like your own private living room. Dressy attire is required. Learn more at

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Chaye Alexander's journey began in radio broadcasting, where she honed her skills as a producer and on-air talent, earning acclaim for her engaging style and deep understanding of music. This foundation paved the way for the creation of Chayz Lounge Radio, her online station, which she launched in 2009 under the name Chayz Lounge. The station quickly gained a dedicated global following for its carefully curated playlists and artist features. However, Chaye had greater plans for her brand. Her vision extended to a physical space with Chayz Lounge, an intimate venue that offers the best live performance, fostering a vibrant community of music lovers. The backroom of Nonnah's restaurant provided the perfect setting and in June 2017, Chayz Lounge venue was brought to life.


Immediately after the grand opening of Chayz Lounge at Nonnah's, Chaye knew that she needed more space and two years later, she relocated Chayz Lounge to 607 Meeting Street in West Columbia, SC where it still resides.


A trailblazer in her field with a career spanning over three decades, Chaye Alexander has established herself as a respected figure known for promoting cultural vibrancy and delivering exceptional musical experiences. Her influence can be felt in every aspect of live music events. Her dedication to her craft is evident in all her endeavors. With a remarkable blend of creativity, business acumen, and a deep appreciation for the arts, Chaye not only embodies the spirit of a Renaissance woman but also enriches the cultural landscape through her enduring contributions to music and entertainment.


Follow Chaye Alexander on her Mixcloud channel where you can listen to her previous broadcasts as well as her curated selection smooth jazz, soul and dance tunes.






The Stations
Chaye Alexander

Chayz Lounge Radio is the virtual space to enjoy the perfect blend of smooth jazz and soul grooves 24/7. We deliver the hits to sing, sway & dance to. Enjoy at work, home, or on the go via our mobile App!


Chaye Alexander's passion for music, coupled with her dedication to showcasing emerging talent, inspired her groundbreaking launch of Chayz Lounge Radio. In 2004, at a time when the concept of internet radio was still nascent, Chaye saw an opportunity to create a platform that not only broadcasted music but also served as a hub for discovering new artistsHer visionary approach contributed to the growth of online radio as well as fostered a community where listeners could explore diverse musical landscapes and connect with up-and-coming musicians. Chayz Lounge Radio quickly became synonymous with innovation and excellence in streaming a unique blend of contemporary jazz, R&B, and classic soul music, establishing Chaye as a trailblazer in the industry.


Thanks to its millions of loyal listeners, the station is one of the most popular on the web in its genre. As one listener puts it, "This radio station is everything! You guys play the right music. Music to heal and put the balm on wounds of the soul. I am thankful and will spread the word.” 


Visit to learn more about the station. Download the App to your mobile device and enjoy the stream anytime, anyplace. If you enjoy the stream, share your joy by recommending it to everyone you know. You can also support the station by donating whatever you can. Your contribution helps us to continue streaming the perfect blend of smooth R&B and jazz 24/7!

Chayz Lounge Radio
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