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Chaye Alexander
  • Chaye Alexander

Chaye Alexander

Owner of Chayz Lounge | Entrepreneur | Creative Producer 

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If there is one word that sums up creative producer and lounge owner Chaye Alexander, it’s passion. She’s passionate about music. This is evident in the caliber talent she books at her venue, Chayz Lounge, the concerts she produces, and on her radio station, Chayz Lounge Radio.


Chaye began her career as a radio personality in New York City. During her years on air, Chaye won the hearts of listeners with her musical eclecticism and warm, charismatic demeanor. The success of her radio broadcast lead to Chaye being offered and subsequently acting as a producer for the television show, “Have U Heard”, where she presented emerging talents, as well as entertainment luminaries, such as TLC, Boyz II Men, Eric Benet, and many others. Chaye established her signature affable interview style and became renowned in and outside the media industry for bringing a truer, richer sense of the subject to audiences. Have U Heard lasted three (3) seasons and was syndicated in 13 cities throughout the USA.

To gain more control over her concept, in 2009 Chaye launched Chayz Lounge, which began as the online radio station and virtual space to enjoy the sounds of smooth R&B and jazz 24/7! The aim was also provided an alternate avenue for recording artists to reach a global audience. Thanks to the millions of loyal listeners, Chayz Lounge became one of the top radio stations on the web in its genre. However, Chaye had more in mind for the brand. She envisioned it being a brick & mortar space for the best live musical performances. The backroom of Nonnah's restaurant provided the perfect setting for such a concept. On June 2017, the Chayz Lounge venue concept was brought to life. Chaye knew from the start that she needed more space and after nearly two years at Nonnah's, Chayz Lounge now occupies the space at 607 Meeting Street in West Columbia. The venue's warm, elegant atmosphere invites you to experience the finest smooth jazz and rhythm & blues acts.

The radio station continues to satisfy music lovers worldwide with its consistent delivery of great music under its new name, Chayz Lounge Radio. Here, Chaye spreads the power of sound to an eager world, bringing listeners music that’s well-known and soon to be better known. Further, as host of "Conversations with Chaye Alexander" radio show on the station, Ms. Alexander is able to get behind the scenes of the creative process via her conversational interview style. Past guests on Chaye's show include Dionne Warwick, Paula Cole, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Gloria Loring, Jody Watley, Oleta Adams, Laurel Holloman, Eriq La Salle, Teddy Riley and many others. 

For decades Chaye Alexander has provided avenues for musicians to be seen and heard. She continues to shine the light on talent each week via the sold-out shows at Chayz Lounge, as well as planned events throughout Columbia (SC). In 2018 and 2019, Chaye played an integral role in the success of the Richland County Parks & Recreation Foundation's Jazz Fest. In February 2019, she was brought on as Artistic Director by the Columbia (SC) Museum of Art to create an outdoor concert series on the grounds of the beautifully renovated Boyd Plaza. For this project, Chaye thought of ways to fuze jazz with different genres of music and came up with classical/soul jazz, Latin/Afro-jazz, and a reggae jazz blend.

In May of 2019, Chaye Alexander became Musical Director for The Columbia Museum of Arts' concert series. She launched "Live At Boyd Plaza" and the concept was well-received. "The inaugural concert on drew 400 people who were dancing and smiling throughout the evening,” says Joelle Ryan-Cook, CMA deputy director & director of external affairs for CMA. The following events in the series saw over 900 music-loving people at Boyd Plaza. If that weren’t enough to demonstrate that her passion for music is backed up by action, Chaye is a board member of the South Carolina Jazz Foundation. She also serves as Vice President of The River District Association of West Columbia, SC.

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What’s next for this multimedia talent? You can expect more of Chaye’s devotion to music via Chayz Lounge Radio, dedication to delivering quality shows at Chayz Lounge, and an engaging, attentive approach with her guests on her radio show. Get ready, get set, and stay tuned for a whole lot more from Chaye Alexander! In the meantime, click the images below to listen to conversations with Chaye and some of the past guests on her radio show. Want to learn the complete background on Chaye Alexander? Click here to read more.


Conversations With Chaye Alexander

Chayz Lounge Radio

The Stations

Chayz Lounge Radio is the virtual space to enjoy the best variety of smooth R&B and jazz 24/7! It also provides an avenue for independent artists to reach a global audience.


Chayz Lounge Radio, is the brainchild of Chaye Alexander. The station was founded on the principle of creating a platform that promotes the music of independent recording artists, while ensuring the best musical experience for our listeners. The station's popularity has increased exponentially since its launch in 2009, and thanks to the millions of loyal listeners worldwide, Chayz Lounge Radio remains one of the top radio stations on the web in the smooth jazz/R&B genre. As one listener puts it, "This radio station is awesome, you guys play the right music, the music to heal and put the balm on wounds of the soul. I am thankful and will spread the word.” 


Visit to learn more about the station. Download the App to your mobile device and enjoy the stream anytime, anyplace.

If you enjoy listening to the station, share your joy by recommending it to everyone you know. You can also support the station by donating whatever you can. Your contribution helps us to continue streaming the perfect blend of smooth R&B and jazz 24/7!

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